National Franchise Resales is a marketplace where franchise buyers and sellers can connect.  Sellers can list their franchise business for sale and generate leads for their resale.  Buyers can search an array of franchise opportunities including buying an existing franchise, developing a new franchise, or securing a development territory.  A great feature of our site includes a directory of professional resources for buyers and sellers including lenders, accountants, attorneys, valuations, and more.

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National Franchise Resales will provide you with all of the steps in the process to buying a franchise. We also share great insight into how to research the opportunity in order to find the best options. In addition, we provide the resources needed to buy including Business Plan Writers, Lenders, Self-Directed 401K experts, and Lawyers to assist with forming a corporation and review legal documents.  When you are ready to start your new business, we can also provide you with additional resources such as business insurance, personal insurance, payroll services, and accounting services.

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National Franchise Resales offers an innovative resale program that eliminates the costly broker fee and saves the franchisee a substantial amount of money on the transaction.  We will list your franchise for sale on our site and generate buyers for you.  We provide an overview of the steps in the selling process and tips for preparing for the sale and working with potential buyers.  We can also introduce you to professional resources you will need for the transaction.  These resources include a Valuation Service, Attorneys to assist with the transaction, and Accountants to help prepare financial statements to share with potential buyers.  We will list your business on our site until it is sold for a nominal fee of $295.

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FEATURED Franchises

Willie’s Chicken Shack

We believe Willies is our vehicle to impact people and communities all over the world. From our secret recipe fried chicken to our mouth-watering honey butter biscuits, our food is slap yo’ mamma good!

We want to create a memorable experience for every person who walks into a Willies so they don’t just remember how good our food is, they understand and believe the lasting impact we make in their community.

We are currently in the final stages of completing our franchise offering. Until then, we are accepting inquiries for when we are ready to launch. Willies Chicken Shack is looking for exceptional partners who believe in our vision and want to make Willie’s a major vehicle in impacting their community.

Jimmy John's

No soups, no salads, just sandwiches. Our track record is best in class. Our system works. We’ve been doing this for 35 years. We’re one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America, and we’re rated #1 Best Fast Casual Chain in the U.S. by Money Magazine. Most importantly, people love our food! 2,700 units strong and lots of room to grow.

We define fresh. Our veggies and all-natural meats are hand sliced daily, and our bread is baked fresh all day. We spend 6 hours slicing and baking every day to make 30-second sandwiches for our customers. With the prep behind us, our system is designed for fast, flawless execution.

Everything about Jimmy John’s is about keeping it simple. We have a very disciplined product, menu and system. No one else is as efficient, effective or consistent as we are in delivering a fresh-made meal for under $20.


Average annual sales in 2017 were $1,128,648.* 

Who We’re Looking For

Genuine individuals who like our food and are willing to do whatever it takes to make great sandwiches for our customers. This is a lifestyle, and it’s a tough one. We’re looking for those who want to go above and beyond!

What You Need

$80,000 of your own cash and $300,000 Net Worth

Submit an Inquiry to learn more about what it takes to own your very own Jimmy John’s!

*Figures reflect averages for thirty-one (31) affiliate-owned restaurants that opened before January 1, 2013, as published in Item 19 of our April 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. These averages are based on a 52-week annual period from January 4, 2017 through January 2, 2018. Of these thirty-one (31) restaurants, 14 (45%) had higher gross sales, 17 (55%) had higher food and paper costs, and 15 (48%) had higher net profit percentage during the reported period. The financial performance representation contained in Item 19 of our April 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document also includes (1) average and median system–wide gross sales, average and median franchise gross sales, the number and percentage of restaurants exceeding the averages, and the highest and lowest grossing Restaurants in the system during the referenced period, (2) average and median gross sales, average and median food and paper cost, and average and median net profit percentage information during the referenced period for nine (9) affiliate-owned restaurants that were opened after January 1, 2013 and before January 1, 2017, and (3) other average and median performance information for affiliate-owned restaurants. A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk. This offering is made by prospectus only.


Buffalo Wings & Rings

When you open a Buffalo Wings & Rings Franchise, you’re joining us in taking game-time to the next level. We’re a club-level sports restaurant experience that makes every guest feel like a VIP. With bright, inviting dining rooms, 50+ TVs and a chef-inspired menu stacked with hand-pressed burgers, fresh salads, homemade dressings, craft beers and the meatiest, tastiest wings on the planet, it’s the secret ingredients that makes our brand one of the fastest growing in the category.

Franchise Fee (first unit) $40,000

Minimum liquid capital requirements $300,000

Minimum net worth requirements $1,000,000

Minimum investment $1.3MM – $1.9MM (based on leased space of 6,000 sq. ft.) (freestanding not including land can vary from $1.9MM to $2.4MM)

Royalty 5%

Little Caesars

As the largest carryout-only pizza chain in the world, there’s no denying that Little Caesars is doing something right. Today, the company is an international brand and household name – and it’s come a long way since its start as a single store in metro Detroit in 1959 and the opening of its first franchise in 1962.

The brand equity built throughout the past five decades has grown Little Caesars fan base and is a driver of the company’s growth. Little Caesars distinction of being named “Best Value in America”* for the last ten years is proof of its commitment to satisfying those customers by providing one of America’s favorite meals at an affordable cost.

Today, Little Caesars is looking for franchisees to help bring HOT-N-READY® pizza to a wide range of communities nationwide. The company also offers opportunities in non-traditional franchise venues, including convenience stores, college campuses and military bases. In such cases, Little Caesars works closely with franchisees to develop locations with customized architectural and build-out plans.

Liquid Capital Required $100,000

Net Worth Required $250,000

Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic® franchising is a unique business opportunity serving both residential and commercial clients. For more than 25 years, Furniture Medic has been a trusted partner to moving and transportation companies, insurance agents, furniture manufacturers, retail establishments, and individuals who want to save time and money by restoring—not replacing—their valuable items.

At Furniture Medic, our franchisees are business-minded, personable individuals with strong management skills and outstanding customer service. They take great pride in educating individuals and businesses about the numerous money-saving ways that furniture and fixtures can be restored quickly, expertly, and onsite.

Investment Range $79,005 – 89,432

Liquid Capital $33,900

Service Master Clean

Introducing a business opportunity built on necessity. For more than 60 years, ServiceMaster Clean® has been tackling tough cleaning jobs, and building a loyal clientele of residential and commercial customers who want to maintain safe, clean, comfortable homes and businesses year-round.

ServiceMaster Clean franchising has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500®for five years running. In 2015, ServiceMaster Clean was ranked #52 on the Franchise 500’s “Fastest-Growing” list and named #25 in “America’s Top Global” franchises.

Investment Range $56,185 – 102,350

Liquid Capital $35,980

Lawn Doctor

Known as the “company with the green thumb,” people trust Lawn Doctor and value our personalized lawn and outdoor pest control services. Not surprising, we lead the category in customer satisfaction with an 80% customer retention rate.

We fill a need for consumers who want the beauty without the burden of doing it themselves. Lawn Doctor is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the consumer desire for beautiful outdoor living spaces to complement their homes.

If you are a leader with basic marketing and sales skills, Lawn Doctor will enable you to build an enterprise to help you achieve your goals. We offer in-house financing, special discount programs and unique 401K rollover partnerships to qualifying candidates. We’ll even help get you started by providing the financing for over half of the initial investment.

Total investment $100,000

Liquid Assets $60,000

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

At it’s core, the DreamMaker opportunity is a faith-based remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life.

DreamMaker is doing something that no company in franchising nor remodeling is doing– Running a remodeling franchise with: 96% recommendation rate from current customers, very positive reviews from current franchisees and growth that triples the industry.

DreamMaker franchisees offer the niche of professional kitchen and bath remodeling. The business model is designed to expand into full interior remodeling as your confidence, competency and business grows. This allows you to maximize your marketing dollars and create a customer for life.

Startup Costs $99,745 – $288,955

Cash Required $100,000

Net Worth Required $200,000 – $400,000

Resources for Buying or Selling a Franchise

When buying or selling a franchise there are several resources you will need for the process.  National Franchise Resales has partnered with professionals throughout the country to assist you.

Buyer Resources

In case you are not familiar with how franchising works, we have provided a brief overview of franchising to give you a better understanding. In addition, we list the advantages of buying an existing franchise versus new development. We have also listed tips on how to research a specific franchise brand and what to look for when considering a purchase. You can search our database to see what types of franchises are available in your market. Once you have found the right opportunity, we provide you with the steps necessary to purchase the franchise and the professional resources you will need to complete the transaction. These resources can assist you with business plans, financing, forming a corporation, and reviewing legal documents. We also furnish you with professionals who can provide you with services once you acquire your franchise such as payroll, taxes, bookkeeping, and business insurance.

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Seller Resources

In most cases, this is probably the first time you have sold a business.  When selling a business the most common option is to use a business broker.  When using a business broker, they will post your business on their website, find and qualify leads, complete all paperwork necessary for closing, and arrange for the closing event.  This is a great service but the downside is that the average cost to you is Ten Percent of the selling price.  If you sell your business for $250,000, you will have to pay them $25,000.  National Franchise Resales provides you with all of the steps in the process of selling your business and all of the resources to assist you.  In each state we have a list of partners who can assist you with appraising the business, preparing financial statements, and provide legal assistance.  Selling your business on your own will require you to contact and provide information to the interested parties and share financial information for the business.  You will then have an attorney assist you with the contracts and closing. By eliminating the broker fee and using only the specific services you need for the transaction, you will save a substantial amount of money on the sale.

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