BrightStar Care

Fayetteville, AR



Business Description

BrightStar Care franchise is the leader in the fast-growing home care industry. Our Franchisees experience unique benefits of our model: Aging population is driving a huge need for home care franchise services

BrightStar sets itself apart by offering the full continuum of home care services: companion care, which involves visiting with clients and helping with common household activities like meal preparation, laundry, and housecleaning; personal care, which includes dressing, grooming, and help with mobility issues; and skilled care, which involves nursing care and therapies. Most competitors offer only the first two services.

BrightStar Care’s business model also allows for multiple possible revenue streams, giving the franchisee flexibility in determining what works best for their individual market. In addition to the full continuum of care, offering Medical Staffing Services and a robust National Accounts program provide additional ways to rapidly grow the business.

BrightStar Care franchises are consistently accredited by The Joint Commission, which also accredits the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and other world-renowned healthcare organizations. This accreditation is not mandatory, BrightStar Care franchisees submit to the Joint Commission’s standards and inspections in order to maintain the highest quality of care. BrightStar Care’s operations align with best practices recognized by The Joint Commission, so franchisees who follow our systems and training will be meeting elite standards of care.

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