Papa Murphy’s


 – 2

Annual Sales – $975,000

 – 21 years / 3 years

Business Description

One thing makes Papa Murphy’s different: they don’t cook pizzas.

As the largest take ‘n’ bake pizza chain in the United States with more than 1500 locations, Papa Murphy’s handcrafted pizzas are made fresh in store each day, then baked at home by customers. It’s become a winning formula for the 37-year-old brand, which has consistently been ranked #1 by consumers through Technomic, MarketForce, and NRN. Now, Papa Murphy’s is focused on becoming even more convenient for customers by leveraging third-party delivery, enhanced online ordering, continuing menu innovation, and refocusing on a solid partnership with franchise owners – the heart of the business.

Three key factors make this business a great opportunity for entrepreneurs:

Simple Operations – Because our entire concept is take ’n’ bake, our owners do not hassle with the complications that other restaurants have. There are no commercial ovens so that eliminates cooking and the special requirements and costs that go along with it. And with no cooking, there is no sit-down dining which reduces space requirements and lease costs.

Consumer Appeal –We offer our guests the unique experience of watching their pizza being made fresh before their eyes and then taking it home to bake it to perfection – complete with a distinctive and mouthwatering aroma that brings families and friends together.

Historical Performance – There are over 1,500 stores open in 39 states, Canada and UAE with over 400 franchise owners from various backgrounds and careers – all who fell in love with our product and saw the opportunity to control their own future.

About the Two Castle Rock locations –  These are two well-established locations in one of the most desired and fastest growing communities in Colorado.  One location has a twenty-two year history in the community and the second location has now been open for four years.  The newer location has same store sales growth of almost 16% year over year.   Papa Murphy’s Pizza is sold out in the Denver area and therefore has no opportunity for new franchisees in the market.  This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up two successful locations with excellent cash flow.

A financing package is already in place with a financial institution for someone who would meet their minimum qualifications.

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