Annual Sales  – $271,000 (2019)

Years in Business – 6

In addition to being a fast food alternative, smoothies also fill a health requirement for many consumers. Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are the answer to a better quality of life as more and more people focus on their well-being and what they eat. As a Smoothie King franchisee, you’ll be part of a rapidly expanding market and something you believe in – a nutritious, healthy lifestyle that includes healthy supplements and products.

The Fort Lauderdale location is located on the ground floor of the Bank of America Building and a new residential high rise is being built next door.  Previously they were not allowed weekend hours but that has changed which means a significant increase in sales ahead.  This business is currently managed by an hourly employee and a new owner would have the option of keeping the manager or becoming an owner/ operator.  They have not spent any time building the catering business so this location has a lot of potential to grow.

This will be a great opportunity for someone to grow this business to it’s full potential and pick it up for a fraction of the cost versus building out a new location.

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