4 Franchise Marketing Mistakes to Stop Doing

The business world is a shady and sketchy one, one that will prey on the weaknesses and naivete of inexperienced competitors with impunity. There is only one remedy to falling prey to improper business practices, and that is to transcend them by first recognizing the common mistakes and then bypassing them, especially in the digital world. Listed below are four problems, followed by four solutions.

franchise marketing mistakes



  1. Unsuccessful franchises tend to depend exclusively on the information given on the website of the national brand itself. This leads to confusion and unnecessary disorder in the realm of regional deals and other frivolities such as coupons.


  1. Unsuccessful franchises have the tragic habit of tripping over their own metaphorical shoelaces by to say too much during the marketing pitch and subsequent execution. The mission statement can sometimes get lost in the syntax of a rambling spiel that attempts to explain too much with too little time.


  1. Unsuccessful franchises frequently fall into the trap of not properly recognizing and giving credit to the benefits of local listings. Whether the platform be online services or analog methods such as print promotion, the power of the local community should never be overlooked or go unappreciated.


  1. Unsuccessful franchises, in addition to failing to utilize local listings, have the unfortunate tendency to be unaware or willfully ignorant of the national brands franchise resources. This is like the previous point but compounded, as these are resources given by the parent company. It is a travesty to waste a franchise such as this.




  1. To combat the lack of information given by a non-descript national website, a franchise owner would do well to set up an independent website. Marketing your franchise doesn’t always have to be like pulling teeth, especially with an informative website tailored to the customer base.


  1. To stave off any unfortunate side effects of a muddled message, simplicity in the marketing statement is key. Potential clients and consumers should be able to pick up the vibe given off by marketing your franchise. Keep the messages succinct and to the point, and everything else will fall into place.


  1. The solution to not taking advantage of local listings is a simple and straightforward one. In the game of franchise marketing, it goes without saying that any and all resource should be thoroughly explored and investigated. A resource unused is a waste by definition, so every inquiry counts.


  1. Resources are key. Franchise resources are a precious commodity, akin to financial aid grants in college. It is an absolute waste to let so much free money go to waste, especially when franchises in this current climate tend to be a lucrative endeavor when properly implemented in the business sphere.


Franchise marketing doesn’t have to be a headache and a half. On the contrary, it takes only 4 simple steps to attain a level of competence that would keep any company worth its salt afloat in the tempestuous waters of this vicious corporate realm.