Growing Industries of Franchising Opportunities that will Surprise you

growing industries of franchise opportunities that will surprise you

Outside the Box Franchising Ideas

When most people think of seeking out a franchising opportunity, they automatically look to well-known food franchises such as Buffalo Wild Wings. While restaurant franchises can be profitable, they are also popular with people seeking to franchise, creating more competitions. As market forces change, we are seeing a need for more service-related franchises. If you are looking for growing franchising opportunities, here is a list of four ideas that step outside the normal franchise box.

1) Cleaning Services

the cleaning business sector is a nice franchise opportunity

As rental services such as Airbnb become more popular, they are fueling a related service; cleaning. While hotels and condos often have built-in housekeeping, those who rent out a room or their own home through Airbnb and similar services need to hire outside cleaning services. Low start-up costs and a growing need for this service make it ideal for people who have little start-up capital. Franchises such as ANB Clean give franchisees an automatic name to work under, which helps to gain client trust.

2) Home Care Services

We have an aging population, and many of those who are aging need home care services. These services can include cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, taking clients to and from appointments, running errands such as grocery shopping, and bathing and caring for the client’s medication needs. Families who are seeking in-home care for their loved ones want to hire from a company whose name can be trusted. If this type of franchise interests you, looking at companies such as BrightStar Care would be ideal for you.

3) Pet Store

pet store industry offers great franchise opportunities

Another franchising opportunity is a pet store. Increasingly, people are including pets as part of their family. This includes purchasing specialized food, clothing, collars, housing and more. They also are seeking more unique pets, such as chinchillas. Franchises such as Ben’s Barketplace are gaining a name for their organic offerings for pets. They also offer nutritional counseling and other educational services for pet owners. If you are an animal lover, something like this could be ideal for you.

4) Specialized Classes for Children

More and more, people are seeking to provide their children with unique and educational experiences. This may be something outdoors, with arts and crafts, or with cooking. Franchises like Young Chef’s Academy give you the opportunity to provide these educational experiences to children in your community. Franchises like this give kids the opportunity to learn hands-on in a fun environment. Franchises that are geared to children’s classes can also specialize in offering birthday parties, field trips, and other special events.

The Right Franchising Idea for You

There are many growing franchise opportunities out there. These four are a great jumping off point for looking at growing franchising opportunities that may not yet be available in your area. By looking at unique franchising ideas, you have the chance to create a business that does not yet have competition in your area. So get out there, look outside the box, and find the opportunity that fits with your passions and makes your dreams come true!