How to Deal with Prospects when Selling a Franchise

All prospects aren’t qualified prospects. All prospects aren’t aware that they aren’t qualified prospects. When you get a qualified prospect for selling your franchise, it’s important to know what steps you need to take. Here’s how to deal with prospects when selling a franchise.


Tips for dealing with prospects


Post information online

Having most of the information online when selling a franchise saves times along with following a franchise selling process. You want the prospects to not have to hunt for every piece of information they need. Most serious prospects will want to do a substantial amount of research before they even make contact with the owner of franchise manager.

Create a screening system. You don’t want to spend all of your time hunting for solid prospects, unnecessarily. Since you will get a lot of interest for your particular franchise opportunity, you want to make sure that you are spending your time, wisely. Identify approximately 6 or 8 key questions that could help you determine whether a prospect is right for your business, this is an important step in learning how to sell a franchise.


Use an autoresponder

An autoresponder should work the person through a potential sales funnel. Your responder may provide more information about the franchise opportunity. You may want to direct them to a descriptive presentation or landing page. This is where they will become even more familiar with their brands and products. You may even want to describe what your ideal prospect looks like.

Avoid setting up meetings with everyone upfront. You want to make sure that your time is spent on highly qualified prospects. You want to make sure that you progress them through stages, so that you can weed out all of the unqualified prospects. Use your communications to brand your franchise and to initiate the relationship with the prospect. Since your time is limited, you want to make each prospect go through a screening process.

Make sure that your prospects are informed that they are an elite group. Later on in the process, your prospects will have had plenty of opportunity to become acquainted with your brand. Since they have had multiple opportunities to see if they qualify for the opportunity or if it makes sense for them, making it that far shows that they are highly qualified. To keep them interested, you want them to feel as though they are an elite group.


Track activity in a formal lead management system

You don’t want to invest all of this effort into a solid lead tracking process to not be able to refer to sales activities later on for research. You want to make sure that you are measuring results, monitoring communications, and staying on top of tasks in an organized way.

These are useful tips you can apply in managing your franchise leads as you learn how to sell a franchise. You want to make sure that your time is directed toward highly qualified prospects to maximize profits. You also want to take advantage of every opportunity to streamline the qualifying prospect, taking advantage of automation opportunities.