Annual Sales  – $186,000 (6 months in 2020)

Years in Business – 1 (June 2020)

Ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 2020 Inc.5000 List at No.363, StretchLab’s unique and innovative approach to assisted stretching has created a widespread and devoted following. There are no gimmicks and no complicated equipment, just a simple solution for every-body, no matter why they enter our doors. Our one-on-one assisted stretching and truly original group stretches are changing lives. Consumers are seeking more ways to reduce their risk of injury, regain mobility, improve flexibility and range of motion, and reclaim their freedom. Referred to as “the next dominator in the fitness industry” by New York Times, assisted-stretching has gained national attention; StretchLab is now the largest stretching brand in the US with more than 100 locations open.

The Irvine location was opened in June of 2020 and despite the covid issues, they were still able to generate decent revenue in a six month period and begin growing their customer base.  The location sees an abundance of foot traffic which is resulting in several walk-in customers and increased brand awareness in the community.  The business if fully staffed and has a manager in place who runs the business.  With the covid restrictions being lifted this business is in a great position to grow.  Due to personal reasons, the owners need to sell the business and have priced it at a fraction of the cost it took to get the business open.  

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