Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Ridgewood NJ




Business Description

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
Ridgewood NJ 07450

  • Located in downtown Ridgewood in Bergen County. One of the most desired towns to do business and raise a family.
  • Built in June 2015 , right on the main Street ,surrounded by business like Rite Aid, Starbuck, Local and National Banks, Post office, Hair Salons and several other established restaurants.
  • Located close to 10 public schools enrolling close to 6000 students .Walking distance from Ridgewood High School and several other Middle Schools. Frequently visited by students during lunch breaks and after school. Most LOVED FROYO brand in town and surrounding towns.
  • Very active with Fundraising and other events in school. Also partnered with schools for their lunch programs.
  • Outdoor seating attracted a lot of new guest to come and try the product.
  • No major competitions in surrounding towns.

Orange Leaf is constantly innovating their brand. This summer several new products are being launched.

  1. Shakes and Smoothies
  2. Froyo Cakes
  3. Humble MINI DONUTS can be co branded with Orange Leaf
  4. EOTE Coffee

In 2017 sales have improved over the previous year while the labor cost is about the same .Cost of goods has down from 25.91 % to 20.48 % . Gross profit for year 2017 are up from $180,719 to $197,422.00.

Seller wanted to spend more time with family during summer months.

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