Children’s Hair Salon

Pittsburgh, PA



Business Description

We are a specialized children’s hair salon located in a great type-A space plaza in the south hills area of Pittsburgh that is totally kids-centric in décor, approach and function. Children come to our salon for a fun experience with a large playset in the store, kids-themed chairs, bright colored children’s murals, and a lollipop and balloon reward for after the haircut. Parents come for a stress-free environment with stylists who are good with children and handle the full range of reactions to the haircut. The concept is truly one that feels rewarding for the service provided, and parents are often overjoyed when they find their previous difficulties getting a haircut have turned to excitement for it. We range in age from their first cut around a year old (or less sometimes!) to around 9 or 10. We have many loyal repeat customers and are bringing new ones in at a steady rate. The salon has been open for a little over a year, and it is a semi-absentee model that fit with our long term plans for semi-retirement. The franchisors are honest, kind and caring people who also have deep knowledge and experience in the industry. The company is growing fast but controlled, more than doubling in size by strategy over the last one and one half years. We own our store and two more licenses for the territory including the city of Pittsburgh and areas south and east. There is a clear limit on the remaining licenses to be sold nationwide, and no further licenses will be granted in PA.

My partner and I have to sell due to some personal life/family obligations that cropped up unexpectedly. We are truly upset about having to change our plans as we have done all the hard work to get the business on solid footing, but this is a great opportunity for the right buyer.

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