Great Performing Fast Casual Restaurant For Sale


Annual Sales  – $2.2 million

This fast-casual restaurant franchise has been serving the Summerville market for nearly seven years and is a local favorite for lunch, dinner, and catering.   This location performs extremely well with annual revenue over $2.2 million.

The restaurant has an extensive menu which includes sandwiches, pizza, soup, salads, desserts, and includes a variety of low calorie and healthy options.  The business currently has a management team in place including a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, and Manager.  With the management team in place, this will be an easy business to take over as either an absentee owner or as an owner/ operator.

The Summerville market is seeing steady growth with a new Volvo plant and a new 2000 home community being built near the business.  The city also ranks 2nd in the state for education.  This business has a great track record over the last six years and has the potential for growth with the ongoing growth in the community.

The owners wish to keep the sale of the business confidential.  To learn more about the business and the franchise brand, please contact us to complete a non-disclosure document.  

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