Struggling With a Franchise? Hire a Mentor Using These Four Tips

As an owner of a franchise business, you will often be in a better position to have a successful business than someone who starts up a business from scratch. While franchise business owners will likely experience success, there are some who may struggle. Whenever a franchise business owner is struggling, they will often be searching for solutions. When looking for a solution to their struggles, a franchise business owner will benefit by enlisting the help of a mentor. A mentor is someone who will provide them with advice and guidance on how to run the business. With a quality mentor, a struggling franchise owner will be in a great position to eventually make their business a success.

a franchise mentor speaking about driving business success


Evaluate their Experience

The first step in getting a mentor for a franchise business is to evaluate their experience. It will be important to make sure that your mentor has experience in guiding businesses such as franchises. It will also be important for you to make sure that the mentor has experience with your particular type of business. Evaluating a mentor under this criteria will help you determine if they will give you the best chance to improve your situation and make your business a success.

Assess their Reputation

assess the reputation that a franchise business mentor has within the industry

Another thing you will want to do when seeking a mentor is to assess their reputation. You will always benefit by using a mentor who is ethical and has a solid reputation for helping mentor businesses such as yours. It will be a good idea to find out about their track record of serving businesses as well as any reviews that were left from internet sources. Asking for referrals is also a good way to evaluate the reputation of the mentor’s qualifications.

See if they are a Fellow Franchisee

Whenever you are seeking a mentor to help your franchise, another good thing to do is see if they have the characteristics that you are looking for and have become a franchisee themselves. There are times when a mentor will be available who runs the exact business that you are running. A mentor who is a fellow franchisee is someone who operates another location of the business. As a result, they will be able to give you advice on how they are running the business. They are familiar with the business and will be able to give you tips on how to better run your branch. Therefore, you will be in a better position to succeed in their mentoring.

Determine your Struggles

As the owner of a franchise who is struggling, you will need to determine your struggles in order to seek help from a mentor. There are many areas of a business that you can be struggling with. This can include marketing, finance, management, and customer service. No matter which aspect of the business you are struggling with, you will need to determine your area of difficulty so that you can more easily seek help with a solution. Once you are certain about the aspect of the franchise that you are struggling with, you will then be able to get the mentoring you need to address this deficiency in your business.