Buyer and Seller Resources – National Franchise Resales has partnered with professionals throughout the country to provide you with all of the local resources you will need to buy or sell a business.

Buyer Resources

Business Plan Writers

In order to set yourself up for success, you will first need to document your plan to take over the business. You will need to list the costs associated with acquiring the new business, consider the competition in your area, design a plan for growing the business, outline the infrastructure you will need, and define the financial model to include the costs to run the business and the projected profits.


To assist you with financing your new business, we have partnered with financial institutions who have a great amount of experience in the franchising industry. They are well versed in financing franchises and will be happy to assist you.

Self-Directed 401K

There is a great program that allows you to use your 401k for financing your new business without any taxes, penalties, or interest. You can use your 401k money to get the down payment you need for a loan or you can use those funds to finance the entire purchase. Our Self-Directed 401k partner will provide you with a webinar to educate you on how the program works to give you another option for financing.


When buying a new business, it is imperative that you have an attorney assist you with the process to reduce your risk and protect you from any legal issues in the future. The legal professionals on our website can assist buyers with reviewing the franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, Purchase Agreement, Lease, and help with forming a corporation.


Our accounting partners will review the financials for the prospective business and help you understand the performance of the business and identify any shortcomings that may exist. Once you have committed to buying a franchise, the accountants can provide you with an array of services including management of financials, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and general business advice to help you be successful in your new business.

Business Insurance

Once you choose your next business, the franchisor will require that you have a minimum amount of insurance to cover liability and possibly other facets of the business. We have provided you with Insurance agents in your market who can assist you with fulfilling this requirement.

Seller Resources


As you prepare to sell your business, the first thing you will need to do is have at least your last three years of financial statements ready to share with potential buyers.  We have accountants throughout the country to assist you with this important task.  They can also provide you with tax and other advice for the proceeds of the sale.


When selling your business in a by-owner fashion, you want to limit your liability by making sure you are adhering to all of the legal requirements associated with selling a business. Our legal partners can assist you with preparing the Non-Disclosure agreement, Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement, and transfer of real estate.

Business Valuation

Before listing your business for sale, it is imperative that you seek the help of an expert to find out what the value of the business really is.  The valuation expert will not only provide you with the Fair Market Value, they will also provide you with a report to support this value.  You will definitely set yourself apart from other sellers by having this information available to share with them.